ECP Calls for Submissions for the Upcoming MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power Industry Awards 2022

The MSGBC region boasts some of Africa’s biggest oil, gas and renewable resources, with a number of large-scale project developments taking off in recent years. Notwithstanding developmental success, MSGBC energy advancements have served as a catalyst for enhanced economic growth, with energy sector expansion driving progress across multiple industries across the region.

The first annual MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power Industry Awards, which were hosted during last year’s conference in Dakar, Senegal, celebrated the achievements made by individuals and energy companies in the MSGBC region’s energy space, with specific attention granted to project success, local content and sector excellence. Presented by African Energy Chamber Executive Chairman, NJ Ayuk, the awards sought to highlight the region’s success, with Mauritania praised with the Energy Sector Excellence and Reliability & Outstanding Customer Service award; Guinea Bissau the Oil & Gas Project Milestones Achieved category; and Senegal the Extraordinary Achievements in Achieving Local Content Utilization.

The deadline for submitting proposals for nominations is 14 July 2022. Proposal criteria include a maximum 800-word proposal motivating the nominated individual or company. The MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power Industry Awards 2022 will review the latest updates, success stories and leading sector professionals and organizations driving Africa’s oil, gas and power industries to formidable levels. The Awards categories will include:

The MSGBC Visibility Award

The MSGBC Visibility Award champions individuals and companies that have exerted extraordinary efforts to highlight the region’s immense energy potential.

The MSGBC Oil & Gas Project of the Year Award

The MSGBC Oil & Gas Project of the Year Award celebrates companies that have made considerable strides in developing oil and gas projects in the MSGBC region to improve the socioeconomic standards of its citizens, accelerate electrification and combat energy poverty.

The MSGBC Renewable Energy Project of the Year Award

This award is conferred to institutions or companies that have completed outstanding and innovative renewable projects in the MSGBC region.

The MSGBC Energy Start-Up Company of the Year Award

This award celebrates the most dynamic start-up in the MSGBC region that has worked to bring bold and innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

The MSGBC Innovation Award

With sustainability and the energy transition becoming central to the conversation, this award highlights the best innovations preparing the energy industry for the future.

Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Award: Delivered by INPG

This award goes to the Institut National de Pétrole et de Gaz’s most promising graduate of the year.

International Peer Recognition Award

This award is granted to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the improvement of best practices across the entire energy value chain.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes energy champions that have made outstanding efforts during their professional career to improve the operational, ethical and management standards of the energy industry while ensuring socioeconomic development for African citizens.

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